Who we are

Who we are

The AIFC Academy of Law is an educational platform, established to provide legal educational programs on the AIFC Law.

Mission: The mission of the AIFC Academy of Law is the development of the AIFC legal system through teaching students and professionals with the principles of the AIFC law, as well as providing legal education of an international value. At the early stage of AIFC development, it is crucial for the AIFC to actively increase an awareness of its legal system for the benefit of both AIFC and non-AIFC lawyers from diverse backgrounds and jurisdictions.

Objectives: The main objective of the AIFC Academy of Law is to provide learning and development services. The AIFC Academy of Law will function as the education, information and promotional institution for familiarising the legal community with the AIFC legal system, principles of AIFC laws, and dispute resolution options – which constitute a core component of the AIFC value proposition. The strategic objective of the AIFC Academy of Law is driving the development of the intellectual capital of the legal profession and promoting legal knowledge, which is necessary for working in the AIFC jurisdiction.

Strategy: prepare professionals for international commercial law practice; cooperation with international education institutions; provision of other educational services.              


1) training specialists for work in the AIFC jurisdiction;

2) legal publications in order to raise awareness of the AIFC and its jurisdiction;

3) organization of educational and informational events for the legal community;

4) provision of platform for providing free legal consultations by law firms to interested parties at no cost.

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