Test of Legal English Skills


The AIFC Academy of Law together with the KAZGUU University offers online training, as well as corporate training program to prepare for the international exam in legal English TOLES, which includes three levels: 

  1. TOLES Foundation,
  2. TOLES Higher,
  3. TOLES Advanced.

 Upon completion of the TOLES program, students will be able to: 

  • apply legal terms in speech and writing;
  • understand legal texts, contracts, acts, legal letters;
  • know the contemporary style of the language of legal documents; 
  • understand more than 500 legal terms;
  • study the basics of English law;
  • be prepared to take the international TOLES exam.


TOLES certificate advantages: 

  1. Recognized in 78 countries by such firms and institutions as The Law Society of England and Wales, Baker and McKenzie, Sony Ericsson, European Court of Justice and others. 2. You receive accurate assessment of the legal and linguistic competence of a lawyer.
  2. Unlimited certificate validity period.

TOLES preparation duration 72 academic hours. 

Classes run 2 3 times a week  for 2 academic hours 

Each level duration  3 months. 

1 academic hour  = 50 minutes. 

5 to 10 students in group. 

The courses will start on the following dates:
➡️ from September 05 to November 2022.
➡️ from January 09 to March 2023.
➡️ from April 03 to June 2023.

Classes starts once enough number of students are enrolled.  

Fee per 1 student  90000 KZT per month. 

Total fee for 1 level for 1 person 270 000 KZT. 

             Contacts: Gulmira Barzhaksina, +7 771 999 14 13 

Download the programme brochure