Pro Bono

Pro Bono

AIFC Law Pro Bono Office

The term pro bono is short for the Latin “pro bono publico”, which means “for the public good”.

AIFC Law Pro Bono Office offers a unique platform to provide access to legal consultations for legal issues that arise within the AIFC jurisdiction. AIFC Law Pro Bono Office allows individuals and company representatives who cannot afford a lawyer the ability to seek free advice consultation in person or by skype call from volunteer lawyers free of charge.

Who can apply?

Everybody has access to AIFC Law Pro Bono Office. The AIFC is keen to promote the legal services for all members of the public, providing access to legal advice for those who otherwise would not be able to seek help. If you have an issue arising from the AIFC Jurisdiction and would like to register for pro bono session, please  click here or send an email to  [email protected]

Volunteer lawyers

The AIFC Law Pro Bono Office will aim to provide discrete one-off pro bono assistance only from issues that arise of AIFC Jurisdiction.

The volunteer lawyer to become part of the AIFC Law Pro Bono Office must be associated with a registered AIFC participant, who holds an ancillary legal service provider's license, or with the AIFC Bodies and their organizations.

Law firms and individual practitioners wishing to participate should be registered with the AIFC Law Pro Bono Office. Each firm or individual practitioner should complete a registration form , law firms should include the contact details of the firm's liaison associate for pro bono matters, if applicable. The completed form should be submitted to email [email protected]


Pro bono sessions are available offline at the AIFC premises (55/17 Mangilik El Ave., block C3.2) as well as online.

From 21-25 February 2022, a pro bono sessions will be held by volunteer lawyers from ABROY Boutique Law Firm (