Other Past Activities

Other Past Activities

Education Program for Journalists

The AIFC Academy of Law presented a short-term education program “Introduction to Fundamentals of the AIFC Law and English Law” developed for journalists of the Kazakhstan. The program will consist of three (3) modules covering the key “foundational” subjects required to gain a comprehensive understanding of the AIFC legal system, as well as basic principles of the English Law. The program was conducted in English.

The program “Introduction to Fundamentals of the AIFC Law and English Law” includes the following modules: Fundamentals of the Common Law; Fundamentals of the AIFC Law and Structure; and Foundations in AIFC Dispute Resolution.

This series was offered from January 25/26 through February 15/16, 2020.  After the completion of the modules, journalists was given the opportunity to provide PR covering of the decision of the judicial case / process in the format of their choice. Based on the evaluation of the PR covering, the journalists were awarded certificates for successful completion of the Program “Introduction to Fundamentals of the AIFC Law and English Law”.

AIFC Foundations Program for Notaries 

AIFC Academy of Law recognized the need to raise awareness about the AIFC structure and its jurisdiction among the representatives of the Republican Chamber of Notaries. Thus, the AIFC Law Academy saw as its mission the provision of a unique legal education course on the foundations of the AIFC Law for notaries of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of provision of notary services in the AIFC legal system. To get more info please follow the  LINK