Workshops of the AIFC Academy of Law were held as part of Astana Finance Days 2022
Workshops of the AIFC Academy of Law were held as part of Astana Finance Days 2022
Academy of Law
27 June 2022 00:00:00

The AIFC Academy of Law held a series of workshops on the most relevant topics for business and society as part of the Astana Finance Days and EdTech Forum. The speakers of the seminar Trends and Challenges in AML/CFT and Sanctions Compliance” answered the most pressing topics for business - how to maintain business activity, strengthen the company's reputation and investment attractiveness, create an effective compliance system in the company and manage risks, avoid huge fines and secondary sanctions.

The speakers of the AIFC Academy of Law Alumni Forum “Time to Share Your Experience” shared their success stories with the participants and gave practical advice on building a personal strategy for a professional. The speaker of the session Yury Zachek noted that the indispensable companions of a lawyer are tough deadlines, lack of work-life balance, stress, and chronic fatigue. Yury shared his knowledge and vision about how stress and burnout work, how exactly individuals get into them and what steps need to be taken to get out of them. In turn, Alina Abdrakhmanova, director of the KAZGUU business school, and co-founder of the virtual reality startup IN-VR, emphasized that corporate training is becoming part of the corporate culture due to the growing requirements for work and skills, and noted that now large global corporations are spending from 2 to 5% of their annual budget for employee training.

Next, the panel session “Lex Fantastica: Multiverses as multi jurisdictions: conflict of legal norms” took place, where the speakers went beyond the traditional perception of jurisprudence and discussed situations in fantasy worlds in the language of the law. As speaker Roman Khodykin noted, such a break from reality will allow a fresh look at some of the established stereotypes of private international law. Moderator Sergei Sek, in turn, emphasized that modern law and the law of the future should be more flexible in order to cover new areas. “We are living in a wonderful time of change,” Sergey said.

During a series of workshops at the AIFC Academy of Law, participants were able to expand their knowledge and ask experts topical questions in the areas of AML/CFT and compliance, personal growth and professional development, and consider the well-known problem of the conflict of legal norms of jurisdictions through the prism of fantastic multiverses.

The general sponsor of the Astana Finance Days 2022 conference is Eurasian Resources Group (ERG).



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